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Jai Bhagwan!

I Honor the Light within you!


Healing Sessions with Robin $35/Half-an-Hour or $60/HOUR

To make an appointment for any of these services, call Robin at (978) 851-9911 or email

Robin A. Anderson

Robin offers the following services:

FREE Wellness Consult

with Robin

One-Hour Private Session to assist you in reviewing your health goals
• Learn about new tools/ways of approaching your goals/health issues
• Set up your wellness program
• Review results

Reach out for your personal potential in Mind, Body, and Spirit!

Essential Foot Treatment

This Treatment addresses Stress & Anxiety, Immune System, Inflammation, and Balances Energies in the Body!

AromaTouch Technique

A wonderful Technique of Scientific Application of ESSENTIAL OILS

Check out this Video!

This technique uses eight pure therapeutic grade essential oils to help enhance systemic benefits

as a Natural, Relaxing, Rejuvenating approach to Wellness!

This is not a massage, but simply an application of the Essential Oils which then do the inner work required.

Thai Bodywork

Are you inflexible from doing too much or too little? Need some Deep Tissue work?

  • (pictured above and below) is a great way to open the muscles and release tension. In Thai Bodywork the Client is maneuvered through various positions, while the Thai Bodyworker puts pressure on the muscles with their hands, elbows, knees, and feet to create greater opening in the body. Each session is modified to suit the individual and their needs.

This bodywork is done fully clothed as the practitioner manipulates the client through a variety of yoga postures while supporting the client and applying pressure using her hands, feet, arms and legs, incorporating gentle rocking, deep stretching and rhythmic compression to create a healing experience and openness in the body. Each session is modified to suit the individual and their needs. This can be done on Seniors, pre-teens, and athletes.

For Seniors or those who would have difficulty getting down onto (or up from) a floor mat, I use a low table.

Grief and Loss Sessions

Me and my dear friend Bob shortly before he passed on to become the best Guardian Angel anyone could hope for...

Dealing with Divorce, Empty Nest Syndrome, or the Grief and Loss of a Loved One?

  • Geared to you & your needs for Dealing with Grief, Loss, & Anxiety through Yoga, Breathwork, Thai Bodywork, & Personal Journey
  • If you or a Loved One is on Hospice or dealing with a serious illness, I will make house calls

Personal Journey Sessions

Need help processing all that life has been sending your way -

to make sense out of it and keep a positive outlook?

  • Open your mind, body and spirit through sessions where we explore the blocks that hold you back from living in Joy and Fulfillment!

Sessions geared to you and your needs for Improved Self-Image, Dealing with Anxiety, Weight Loss, etc. through Yoga, Reiki, Thai Bodywork, and

self-examination to help you to reach out for your personal potential in Mind, Body and Spirit.

Private and Semi-Private Yoga Sessions

Want to try a yoga class, but not sure of what you can do

or not sure if you're doing it right?

Pricing: $40 for one person, $60 for two or more

  • Robin will help you to learn the details that help you to find greater openness, flexibility, strength, and alignment! These sessions can be whatever you are seeking whether you want simple gentle opening of the body or more advanced postures and details of alignment.

Learn sequences that suit your body and your needs.